Digital Strategy

We can help you create a multi-year roadmap that jots down every step to the transformation of your company’s digital strategy. One of the most common challenges of legacy companies face in this digital age is where and how to start integrating digital tools and concepts into their current workflows.

How Do You Drive Digital Transformation?

Here at Cavalry, we can help you start the digitalization of your company by creating a bespoke digital plan that will include the following: rapid prototyping, employee hiring, upskilling and training, testing assumptions and even refining business projections.

Using industry tools like Shopify, Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Facebook Workplace amongst others, we can help drive digital transformation within your company.

Leading Legacy Companies Can Be Leading Digital Companies

We’ve helped quite a few companies with their digital transformation but one stands out. The case concerns a leading authority in medical aesthetics that was looking to reposition themselves in the digital landscape to grow revenue and overall profitability.

We did this by performing a full audit of the clinic’s digital assets, from their technology stack to their marketing mix. After carefully analyzing their current digital standing, social media included, Cavalry developed a strategy that’s tailored specifically to cultivate the clinic’s digital marketing team and overall capabilities.

In doing so, we were able to dramatically shift the clinic’s digital marketing efforts by growing their in-house digital marketing team, helping the company earn the benefits of a holistic digital marketing plan based on Cavalry’s expertly audited data-driven strategy.

Digital Strategy - Kick-off bootcamp for a multi-brand company
Digital Strategy - Kick-off bootcamp for a multi-brand company


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