Creating a simple informational website about your business is simply not enough. We can help you create a dedicated online business unit using the right tools, technologies, operating processes and external partners to make your online assets a significant revenue generator. Using our technical and industry know-how from developing AVA and Reloved.com.ph, we can definitely help you create a truly online business.

Your Own E-commerce Unit Over Popular Marketplace Options

Retailers and companies who sell products should prioritize creating their own e-commerce platforms rather than uploading their products to popular marketplaces. Why? Because you’re essentially giving up your valuable customer data to them too.

We develop our ecommerce platforms on the Shopify platform. This allows you flexibility regardless of the size of your company and it allows you to scale up as your online business grows. This platform also integrates well with other online platforms to enable digital marketing and CRM features. Did we mention we’re a certified Shopify partner? With us, you can rest well knowing that you’re dealing with the right company.

How Do You Start An Online Store?

The #1 retailer in the sports category, with over 50+ branches, wanted to grow their e-commerce revenue, while not being dependent on generic marketplaces like Lazada and Zalora. Prior, the retailer had worked with an external web development agency but faced several challenges in strategy and design.

Cavalry helped develop the retailer’s e-commerce strategy and go-to-market plan and guide its implementation. We didn’t just deliver a website, but more importantly, we delivered a dedicated e-commerce business unit staff — a team of 10 professionals and equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and technology to grow e-commerce revenues. We also helped recruit, train, and empower this team in a 6-month project to build, test, and launch a new e-commerce platform.

E-commerce website built on Shopify


Are you looking to create an online business unit that focuses on ecommerce for your company? Then look no further! We can help you plan, build and scale! Let’s talk.