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Empowering Filipino CEOs To Build Their Digital Marketing Strategies.

Cavalry Digital held the first Facebook and Google for CEOs and Senior Executives workshop last August 4, 2017, at SquareOne in Bonifacio Technology Center.

The in-depth workshop, which was an all-day affair, proved to be highly insightful to the business leaders who attended, even considering that most of the participants identified themselves as ‘newbies’ in the digital front. The companies in attendance ranged from the country’s most well known medical aesthetics clinic to a leading university to the restaurant group whose current offerings include beloved modern hits.

Each session, which covered the popular platforms Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, was designed to give hands-on training to every participant. Discussion points included the basics of Search Engine Optimization, and finding the right campaign types and settings to target your niche. Branching out from these topics, the workshop carefully illustrated the full expanse of the digital landscape.

Speakers for the day include Oliver Segovia, founder and CEO of AVA Online Group, an e-commerce and digital strategy company which operates its own B2C online stores and a B2B consultancy; Carlo Isles, the head of Google and Facebook advertising for the VYGR Business unit at Voyager Innovations; and Gabriel Del Carmen, Digital Marketing Manager of Cavalry Digital, whose background includes designing ad layouts and providing AdWords and Analytics technical expertise to Google’s top-tier AdWords clients around the world.

As the day came to an end, you could feel the flickering candles in the minds of the leaders turn into fully lit Edison bulbs. The entrepreneurs have expressed that they are now better equipped and more confident in developing their companies’ digital marketing using the most relevant platforms in the Philippines. The session was a rousing success, and a great way to kick off Cavalry Digital’s series of quintessential workshops for CEOs.

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Stay tuned for our next session, coming soon!


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