Get an Inside Look at The Secrets of Facebook and Google Ads: A Private Bootcamp for CEOs and Senior Leaders

Cavalry Digital is launching The Secrets of Facebook and Google Ads: A Private Bootcamp for CEOs and Senior Leaders this upcoming May 11, from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Gallery at A SPACE Greenbelt. This workshop will bring together executives, marketers and CEOs from all over Metro Manila and give them the chance to learn a valuable skill that’s gaining more and more traction in today’s increasingly virtual world: digital marketing.

This one-day workshop is specifically designed for CEOs and senior executives who know that digital is crucial for their business, but would like a clearer understanding of the underlying marketing tools, taught in a simple and practical way. 

Each session makes use of guided, hands-on learning without becoming too technical – ensuring that you learn enough of the basics to get literate in digital, while keeping sight of its impact to your bottomline.

Our guarantee: spend one day with us, and you’ll learn the key principles to thrive in the next three years.


Closed-door: No press, no ad agencies, no one selling you services. This workshop is focused on one thing: your learning.

Case-based: We’re using stories of real Philippine companies to supplement each session, ensuring that you’re learning validated strategies that actually worked.

Hands-on: You’ll learn how to design and serve your own Google and Facebook ads. Trust us, it’s really easy! Each session uses guided learning, with coaches by your side, keeping sight of digital’s role in your business without becoming too technical.

At Cavalry Digital, we strive to create a environment that’s conducive for learning and full of opportunities. We make sure that every participant enrolled in our workshops comes out with a wealth of knowledge they didn’t have before, and a new skill they can use for further improvement.


  1. How Google and Facebook actually work, and why they’re accounting for 80% of all digital advertising growth. 
  2. The key principles CEOs and CMOs need to know about digital marketing. 
  3. How advertising on Google works – across search, display, and video ads – through a guided, hands-on exercise where you’ll create your own Google search ads.
  4. How advertising on Facebook works – across multiple targeting tools and ad formats – through a guided, hands-on exercise where you’ll create your own Facebook ads. 
  5. How to develop a digital strategy that’s unique to your business.

Study and apply these strategies in your workplace, and see how marketing online can make a huge impact on your sales. Develop and master the art of creating content, and you’ve got a skill that many top companies are looking for. Find your niche in digital marketing, and you may even be able to pass on this knowledge to others in your company or industry. Through this workshop, you’ll be able to do all these and more.


We’ve built up an impressive roster of homegrown talents, people with an in-depth understanding of digital marketing who would gladly share their knowledge with you. Get to know our panel of speakers:

  • Jonathan Joson was a founding member of Havas Media, where he worked for 5 years, as well as an Industry Manager at Google Philippines. He is a digital marketing specialist with experience in performance marketing, strategic planning, media planning and buying, as well as analytics and measurement.
  • Gabriel Del Carmen is a digital marketing and design specialist fluent in all things Internet. Previously through Cognizant, he was a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Subject Matter Expert. Currently, he is the Head of Digital Marketing and Analytics for Cavalry Digital, sharing his fine-tuned skills with the rest of the world.
  • Chesca Pacheco is a 21st century educator specializing in both process and product training. Presently, she is the Program Manager for Cavalry Digital. She has helped more than 100 associates learn and excel, training campaign managers, quality assurance reviewers, developers, troubleshooting specialists and more.

Armed with years’ worth of experience, a few insider tips, and their own expert-level skill, our lineup of accomplished speakers will take you through the entire process of digital marketing and guide you every step of the way. They’re as eager to share as you are to learn, so make the most out of this chance, and allow them to guide you.


  1. Presidents and CEOs who are leading a digital transformation initiative
  2. Small business owners who would like to launch their products or services online
  3. Chief Marketing Officers / Marketing Directors / Brand Directors
  4. Board directors wishing to assess the digital strategies & capabilities of their companies
  5. CFOs who would like to understand the ROI potential of digital
  6. University Executives and Faculty who are looking to understand digital marketing


From running campaigns on social media to creating the perfect ad, you’ll soon be able to develop your own foolproof digital marketing strategy, familiarize yourself with the trends creating buzz in the business world, and find fresh and innovative ways to build your brand.

So what are you waiting for? For only Php 20,000, this wealth of opportunity will be right at your fingertips. Register in groups of 4 or more, and you can get an exclusive discounted price—contact us for details!

Sign up now, and we’ll save you a seat. But you’ll need to do it soon—this is an exclusive and limited chance, so don’t waste it!

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