Become a Full-Fledged Digital Marketer in Two Weeks for Only P15,000

If you’ve ever thought of learning digital marketing, you are not alone. Considering the demand for highly capable digital marketers now, you’re not wrong to think that maybe you should be making a career out of it by now.

The thing is, digital marketing is not something our professors taught us in school, because universities in the Philippines rarely have in-depth digital marketing subjects. Most of the time, you have to find digital marketing mentors and training hubs by yourself.

While people with digital marketing skills are in demand now, companies can’t just go with anyone who says they know about it. They need people who can use digital marketing and web analytics platforms together, with full hands-on experience and extensive theoretical knowledge.

Now, looking for experts who can give you that is not always easy because it’s anything but cheap. Because digital marketing is a prime skill, most training centers charge premium price for only a few days of talks, which sometimes don’t even involve hands-on training and experience.

Fortunately, there is a way you can learn digital marketing in full theory and practice for a great price and better value for money.

In Cavalry Digital, we believe that for us to accelerate the digital transformation of Filipino businesses, we have to make great efforts in making sure that learning digital skills accessible to everyone in the country.

This is why we came up with MADwords: A Review Program for Google AdWords and Analytics Certification Exams.

In this program, we teach you the ins and outs of AdWords and Analytics for sharing the best practices and techniques that can help you stand out from other digital marketers. We ensure that you will get full hands-on experience in using the platforms and the theoretical know-how to pass certification exams administered by Google.

For only P15,000 pesos, you’ll get two-weeks or 30 hours of hands-on training in Google AdWords and Analytics. Every day, you’ll be with full-fledged digital marketing experts, whose professional experience encompass working with big Filipino conglomerates to huge multinational companies.

Also, once you enroll and complete the MADwords program, you’ll also be included in our job-placement directory, which can help you connect to our list of clients that are in need of digital marketing professionals in their teams.

Sign up here and start your career with an all-star resume. Train with us and we’ll make sure we return the favor by giving you nothing but the best from our team of digital marketing experts and partner professionals.

If you want to find out more details about MADwords, simply click this link. For inquiries, feel free to drop us a message in Facebook or through email at

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