Calling IT Professionals: Upgrade by Becoming Google Certified

It can’t be denied that certifications matter to information technology (IT) professionals. It is one of the ways to set themselves apart from today’s tech-savvy society and other job competitors in the corporate world.

A lot of employers today look for certifications because it proves competency and serves as evidence of expertise in a particular field of study. For IT professionals, this is especially true; it helps them land high-paying jobs that’s essential to how a business functions.

Most IT professionals today get Microsoft, CISCO, Java, DB2, Oracle, and other common certifications, but did you know that you can get one from Google too?

Yes, Google, one of the world’s largest multinational tech company, can grant you certifications, particularly in Google AdWords and Google Analytics — two of the most widely used digital marketing platforms today.

Now, why do Google certifications matter to IT professionals like you if it’s about digital marketing?

Companies of all shapes and sizes are moving towards digital transformation as technology continues to change the way business is done. This means a lot of enterprises are making sure they are also present on the Internet and revolutionizing their processes to reach online markets.

In the Philippines, almost 80% of Filipinos are online and a lot of them access the Internet through their mobile devices. In addition, there’s about 70 million Filipinos on Facebook alone and many of them also use Google to search for information about absolutely anything.

For IT professionals, all that is happening is basically a gold mine. Their expertise in all things digital is a prime qualification to companies, especially as they transition into a more technology-advanced enterprise. Having the background in digital marketing, namely Google AdWords and Analytics, can further increase the value of IT professionals and upgrade their credentials.

With more people on the Internet, businesses are shifting focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Those who can prove their competency in digital marketing are highly valued by companies and if you can do so as an IT professional, your career potential will be limitless.

Through Google certifications, you can land high-paying jobs that are at the center of how businesses develop and plan their successes. You’ll be exposed to different facets of the business and increase your value as a professional, regardless of what industry you’re in.

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