• eCommerce operations and Business online
• Digital & Content Marketing on Facebook
• Multiple Payment Methods
• Logistics Made Easy!

SATURDAY. JUNE 20, 2020, at 3:00PM

This webinar is recommended for all small and medium enterprises
who are currently struggling with the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Many don't know what to expect for the coming transition to the new normal, and we can't blame you. The confusing direction of the PH Government and their lack of knowledge isn't helping businesses, but the Cavalry is here for you.

We'll teach you how to do business at this time and WIN!


Take the eCommerce Leap!

The majority of businesses depend on social media to sell their products and services, this is a marketing channel more than a solution. This stems from the lack of understanding of how eCommerce operates. We think this is a very inefficient use of your energy, so we've risen to the challenge to help businesses and point them in the right direction.

eCommerce Operations
Have you taken advantage of what eCommerce offers? If not, you're missing out on so much potential customers and valuable sales all because you're too busy managing customer inquiries when you can just give them a complete and functioning online store that accepts payments and tracks orders! These platforms are valuable revenue generating assets! Especially in a time when traditional businesses in traditional markets are suffering from the effects of the worldwide pandemic, adapting an eCommerce platform should be a priority.

Digital Marketing
If you still handout flyers and maintain word-of-mouth as your main marketing strategy, then you've already made your first mistake! It's time to tell you that there are more effective ways of reaching your customers, even hyper target them!

Join the club! Still using phones to sell to your customers? Still using social media to manage orders? Our invited partners will discuss what technologies in payment and logistics are available to create a pleasant and productive business with customers.

In this free webinar we'll discuss how to pivot from your traditional business practices to eCommerce and how this can be your ticket to a successful online business! Just sign up and we'll send you the details and link to this Webinar!

The Pandemic isn't over!
Surviving the Digital Economy
The Speakers
Part 1: Surviving the Pandemic

Thrive the right way!

  • We'll discuss the current situation and the implications of the nation's confusing leadership.
  • Affected industries and challenges
  • Businesses who are doing it right
Part 2: Surviving the Digital Economy

Business is EASY if you know what tools to use!

  • This is the part where we show you what you'll need to keep your business thriving!
  • eCommerce, Payment Gateways, Order fulfillment and logistics demystified!
  • Question and Answers for every discerning entrepreneur


Group Manager, AVA Online Group
Patrick is an eCommerce enabler and helps businesses build their online platforms to make it a viable revenue generator.
He is a creative entrepreneur who has experience in starting businesses from the ground-up, bridging the gap between creative execution and strategy.


eCommerce Expert and Brand Manager
Michelle is the eCommerce brand manager for and she'll be discussing the nuances that goes into operating an eCommerce platform.


Content Strategy for Cavalry Digital
Kendra understands how people consume content. She'll be sitting in to answer your questions on creating content online.


Josh is from Paymongo, a payments solution and aggregate, and will be showing us how payments are safely processed online in multiple methods. If you want to capture payments online, Paymongo offers you convinence above all.


Lastmile PH
Jeff Sarmiento is the Co-Founder for Last Mile Inc., a tech enabled logistics ecosystem platform that aims to solve the pains for businesses who are in logistics operations and also businesses that relies on the logistics services. Jeff’s role in LMI is to create products and business models that would generally suit the target end user’s needs.


Terry S.A. Havianas
A digital marketing & design professional, Galo is accomplished in performance marketing, web data analytics, content production and digital transformation. His expertise lay in the intersection of premium lifestyle brands, the application of measurable digital executions and building in-house digital capabilities.


Fashion Designer,
Peach is a successful sole proprietor of her own fashion atelier. She grosses 40K PhP a week through her Shopify eCommerce online store. She is joining us to share how she was able to elevate her brand and craft to serve a larger purpose during the pandemic.

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