Dear Creatives, Digital Marketing is Your Resume’s Ace in The Hole

Dear Creatives, Digital Marketing is Your Resume’s Ace in The Hole

People who work in arts and design, be it graphics, video or writing, have always been in the forefront of a lot of industries. The reason a lot of companies look good, from their offices to the way they are projected online, is because writers, artists, and designers worked themselves off for it to happen.

Creative professionals introduce companies to the world, enabling businesses to establish their brand, ensure recall, and project the desired image of themselves before their target markets. Without them at work, top companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, won’t even be household names.

Truth be told, what creative professionals do for companies around the world are indispensable. But, what if I tell you that there’s a way to make you, a creative professional, even more invaluable to businesses in today’s digital economy?

The modern world revolves around what technology enables it to do in the digital space. This makes the skill and talent of writers, artists, and designers even more important than before, especially with digital marketing coming into play.

Now, what is digital marketing anyway? Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services in online platforms to maximize the reach of businesses in growing markets on the Internet. It is the way by which companies advertise online through text, display, video, and other ad forms.

In the modern corporate landscape, digital marketing proves to be a cost-efficient, measurable, and manageable form of advertising than traditional marketing. It gives better returns on investment because of how technology is changing the way society functions and interacts.

Businesses are willing to spend millions just to get someone who’s able to maximize the use of online platforms like Google and Facebook to effectively market online. Therefore, it is important for creative professionals to learn this invaluable skill because it directly complements their field of expertise.


Creative professionals can capitalize on their innate skills and talents to create something that entices a given market into making a purchase or simply establishing a brand’s reputation or name. They can create ads, run it themselves online and earn more!

Be it on social media, websites, or search engines, creative professionals can play a role in maximizing digital marketing efforts and raking in more gains for companies in any kind of industry. Learning digital marketing not only boosts your chances of getting a job, it puts you in corporate positions that are central to business success.

In Cavalry Digital, our mission is to hasten the digital transformation of Filipino businesses, and fulfilling that goal involves making sure that the workforce is ready for it.

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