FEU invites Cavalry to Digital Marketing Info Session

FEU invites Cavalry to Digital Marketing Info Session

In recognition of its expertise in digital transformation, Cavalry Digital was invited to speak in an event at the Far Eastern University – Manila (FEU) last November 27, 2017, to impart the significance of digital marketing competency in the Philippines’ ever-evolving corporate scene.

The event, which was organized by FEU’s Junior Marketers’ Association (FEU JMA), sheds light on the need for students to be ready for the job market that’s constantly searching for applicants who are skill-wise ready for the digital revolution.

More than 60 million Filipinos are now online, using a variety of online platforms like Google and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This makes digital marketing of utmost importance for all types of companies, regardless of their size.

Speaking with would-be marketers, Gabriel “Galo” Del Carmen, Cavalry’s Digital Marketing Manager, discussed the immense job opportunities available for students once they master effectively running online marketing campaigns and maintaining a company’s online presence.

According to Galo, one way of acquiring these skills is through the use of Google AdWords and Google Analytics, which are online freemium platforms designed to run demographic-specific digital advertising campaigns and measure its success rate through various channels on the Internet.

Galo says skillfully using Google AdWords and Google Analytics is a core competency eyed by recruiters among marketing graduates; specifically if they are aiming for jobs that can kick start their careers in digital marketing.

Google knows you very well. Google follows your online interactions and uses this information to serve more relevant ads. Google is committed to giving you ads that are relevant to you because you are more likely to click on something if you find it interesting,” Galo says.

He adds that “with these platforms, you can kick start your digital marketing career, because these are the very foundations of digital marketing today.”

Students, for their part, notes how much they learned about digital marketing through Cavalry, noting that they have now grown more interested to develop their understanding of how different platforms, like Google AdWords and Analytics, are used for business.

“E-commerce and digital marketing is part of our curriculum, so these kinds of talks are very helpful. […] Personally, I want to learn and marketing has evolved. Right now, it’s all digital. If we stay in the traditional side of marketing, our minds and ways won’t evolve,” says Carlo Ver Bocatiya, FEU JMA Chairperson for Special Projects

Marketing student Diana Joyce Situlawan also said “I didn’t have any knowledge of Google Analytics and AdWords before, but now I learned a lot about Google, that it is not only a browsing engine. [Cavalry Digital’s talk] is very helpful because it gives advice on my career in the future.”

On the other hand, using these platforms alone doesn’t qualify someone as a full-fledged digital marketing professional. There has to be a definitive proof that you have the skills to use these platforms effectively and efficiently.

Luckily, Google runs tests to provide proof of digital marketing competency, granting certifications to capable and qualified individuals who pass a number of examinations on Google AdWords and Google Analytics. The only question now is how can students pass?

Highlighting the need for students to beef up their digital marketing competencies even before graduating, Galo introduces Cavalry Digital’s premier two-week review program for the Google AdWords and Google Analytics certification exams – MADwords.

Now, what is MADwords? It is an intensive two-week course with leading digital marketing experts that aims to fully prepare its participants to take the Google Adwords and Google Analytics certification exams through hands-on application of these online platforms in a business setting.

“Learning Google Adwords and Analytics is a daunting task and without somebody to guide you, it’s honestly flying blind. Having someone who is experienced in the subject matter would give you a better chance in fully understanding the platforms and passing the certification exams,” Galo says.

If you’re interested to steer your career upwards with the needed training on digital marketing and internationally-acclaimed certifications, you can register for MADwords now! Get the latest updates on MADwords by clicking here.

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