Finding Career Success in Digital Marketing with Google Certifications

Finding Career Success in Digital Marketing with Google Certifications

If you look at the pool of digital marketing professionals today, you can tell that some of them weren’t exactly people whose backgrounds directly relate to the field.

This was true for Gabriel “Galo” Del Carmen, who studied multimedia arts in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, with the aim of working for publishing houses and fashion magazines. Now, he’s Cavalry Digital’s Head of Digital Marketing and Analytics.

“When I was in college I was actually obsessed with the show called Ugly Betty, and I loved Betty’s work as an editor. So, all the classes I took in college were about magazine publishing, which is kind of funny because when I graduated, my first job was totally something else,” Galo says.

Galo’s career wasn’t initially slated for digital marketing. Back in college, he wanted to work in publishing and fashion magazines.

As a millennial, Galo was interested in all things involving the Internet and technology. This changed his career outlook, thus shelving his initial goal of working in traditional media for a job in digital marketing with a company called Cognizant.

Cognizant is a business-to-business company that provides digital marketing services with Google’s online advertising and analytics platforms. Although it was tough starting from scratch, Galo worked hard to catch up. He focused all his energy learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics, eventually becoming a subject matter expert in Google’s digital marketing platforms.

Today, Galo’s work with Cavalry connects him to clients like the Belo Medical Group, Toby’s Sports, Terry SA, Havaianas, Echostore, and Globe, along with in-house brands like AVA and Reloved. In his current profession, he’s able to work with a lot of brands from different industries all at the same time.

“Right now, I work on the Internet. What does that mean? I work on digital ads for a lot of brands. As head of Digital Marketing and Analytics for Cavalry Digital, the enterprise division of the AVA Online Group, I partner up with our clients to ensure that their digital marketing strategies are working and correct,” Galo says.

Meanwhile, Galo’s digital marketing adventure doesn’t end there. He has to consistently re-establish his expertise by means of Google certifications, which guarantee clients that a he is a legitimate expert in utilizing digital marketing platforms like AdWords and Analytics.

“One of the certifications I have right now is on Google AdWords and Google Analytics certifications. These certifications that allow everybody that I work with to know that I am very competent in using these products. Once you are certified, you are basically good as gold. People would trust you with their digital marketing plan,” Galo says.

According to Galo, it is tough to pass the certification exams, because they are far from traditional tests. He says the series of exams dissect an examiner’s knowledge of Google AdWords and Google Analytics, testing their capabilities in utilizing the programs in various situations.

The question remains: How do you pass the exams and become Google certified?

“First and foremost, you need a capable trainer or somebody who can guide you through the process of learning the entire platform. Second, you need to practice using the platforms,” Galo says. “Also, you need to be able to apply the theories on the certification exams based on various situations. This is something not a lot of people can do properly.”

On one hand, Galo finds it ironic that there’s lack of capable digital marketers in the Philippines, considering that Filipinos are very tech-savvy and connected to the Internet. This is why he deems it necessary for young professionals or graduating students to get Google certified, as it will be the bridge towards career success in the modern corporate scene.

Becoming Google certified presents a lot of perks. However, according to Galo, the most notable benefits of having certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics are:

  • More Job Opportunities – “If you are a new graduate, it helps you find a job a lot faster. Having these very relevant and very now certifications help you find jobs much faster than somebody without them.”
  • High Salary – “Digital marketing experts in the Philippines are hard to come by, at least the ones who are actually certified. This is why jobs in the field pay high.”
  • Opportunities for Success – “The last one is even if you are really working, it will help you land promotions faster, because it shows your employers and everyone around you how competent you are, especially when you have these certifications.”

Galo’s digital marketing prowess extends to utilizing various ad forms and using them in the best possible scenarios of Internet advertising.

“Seriously though, if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, I have three tips for you: so first is find a good teacher, the second one learn the platform and learn it well, lastly, get certified, because these are the things that would enable your career in digital marketing moving forward,” he ends.

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