iAcademy taps Cavalry, business experts to guide future corporate innovators

iAcademy taps Cavalry, business experts to guide future corporate innovators

Leading experts in business and digital marketing, including Cavalry Digital, were invited by iAcademy last December 14, 2017 for its annual Project Based Learning Expo 2017, to weigh on business models put forward by Senior High School students under Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) K-12 academic track.

Themed “Transformative Solutions for Sustainable Development,” iAcademy students presented their plans to build an innovative start-up that aims to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and how specialized skills can help reach those objectives.

Jake Aragon, iAcademy Senior High School Principal, says their students presented impressive projects to address the world’s social problems, adding that it is important that the youth be given the platform to present solutions that can solve the problems of today.

“This goes back to the core content in the iAcademy Senior High School, which is project based learning. Our goal is to make their education relevant, so we allow them to learn social issues early. By the end of the semester, they must present projects that will be able to respond to those problems,” Jake says.

He adds “The expo is a good take off point for them for greater things in the future, especially when they decide to do related projects or similar business endeavors. We want to make our students’ education useful for them and the greater good.”

The winning project during the expo was Drop Up, a start-up non-profit organization designed to help out-of-school Filipinos land better jobs by getting the essential skills training on communications, technology, finance, and professional rapport.

According to Ryan Christopher F. Tiongco, their group wanted to empower those who weren’t able to finish their studies due to financial problems. Ryan says they want to help out-of-school Filipinos and solve poverty by making sure they get jobs and earn for themselves.

“The poverty rate keeps on rising in the Philippines and unemployment is one of its leading causes. We want to help out-of-school Filipinos learn basic employability skills and have them work for their own livelihood,” Ryan says.

Other projects presented by students during this year’s PBL Expo include carpooling system iPool, biomass charcoal producer Bio Briq, and waste management and poverty alleviation company Unison Inc.

Meanwhile, Alissa Avedoza, iAcademy Academic Coordinator for Specialized Subjects, says “bringing in guests like Cavalry Digital and other industry experts allows us to know whether what we teach is still relevant or not.”

She adds that their aim for the annual expo is to make sure students realize they are the future of society, as they put their creativity, ingenuity, and technical skills into the spotlight with their projects.

For his part, Gabriel “Galo” Del Carmen, Cavalry Digital’s Head of Digital Marketing, says the students were able to present promising solutions to socio-economic problems the world is facing today. He adds that it was an honor that Cavalry became a part of how iAcademy is shaping the mindset of future business leaders and innovators in the Philippines.

“Our goal in Cavalry Digital is to accelerate the digital transformation of Filipino businesses and seeing how these students are able to use online resources to market their innovative projects is one big step towards our objective,” Galo says.

As a part of the judging panel during the PBL Expo, Gabriel shared advice on how students can improve their business models and marketing plans, noting that being specific in their targeting and consistent with their branding are key items in maintaining sustainable business leverage.

“It is a good thing that students are learning about business at an early age. It is gratifying to be a part of shaping how the youth thinks and enabling them to improve their own lives and that of others. The projects presented today were promising. With a few tweaks here and there, they can make a great impact into how we see the role of businesses in future society,” Galo says.

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