Planning to Start a Business? Learn Digital Marketing First!

Planning to Start a Business? Learn Digital Marketing First!

Starting a business is hard, but marketing it is even harder.  

In the past, a lot of start-ups rely on word-of-mouth in trying to spread the news about their business. This is because years ago, marketing to a wider audience is expensive since the only available channels before were limited to traditional media — television, radio, and print.

Today, however, it’s a different story. With modern technology, a lot of entrepreneurs are able to tap into the power of the Internet. Easily, businesses of all sorts can market their businesses to bigger audiences and even transact and earn online.

In a click, businesses can now be seen by hundreds, even thousands, of people. On the other hand, while it seems everything is easier now, there’s still one important thing a lot of startups fail to do in marketing online: optimization.

Despite the times, not a lot of Filipinos have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. While some know how to market online, not everyone is able to maximize its potential. This makes it a struggle to look for highly skilled digital marketers, who can drive success for businesses.

The rarity of digital marketers in the Philippines means hiring one can be costly. Thus, as entrepreneurs, learning the skill yourself allows you to productively maneuver your marketing efforts and produce better results for your business.

One way of starting off your digital marketing journey is learning how to use Google AdWords and Google Analytics. These are two of the most widely used platforms by digital marketers today and mastery of both can help you reap gains for your business.

With Google AdWords, you can advertise based on your business model and build your brand all at the same time. You can publish different ads like text, display, or video ads on Google networks like search engines, other websites, mobile apps and even Youtube.

On another note, using Google Analytics helps you measure your reach, allowing you to analyze which audiences are likely to make conversions and remarket to them. It also helps you discover other potential markets and streamline advertising to them.

Using these two platforms, you can set your own marketing budget and work out the wisest strategy that best meets your goals. In this way, you can allocate your resources to other facets of the business that need it.

Unlike marketing in traditional media, using Google AdWords and Google Analytics also allow you to measure your successes in advertising online. These platforms collect data and provide statistical data, which you can use to formulate better strategies that will boost the bottom line.

No matter what your trade is, knowing digital marketing helps you gain a competitive edge, even in very saturated industries. Having the knowledge to advertise online and optimize the use of your Internet-based resources definitely goes a long way for both you and your business.

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