Shifting Careers from Traditional Media to Digital Marketing

Shifting Careers from Traditional Media to Digital Marketing

When you’re a young professional, many things will come at you in unexpected ways. There will be moments when you think you already know certain things, only to learn from reality that you actually don’t. That was especially true to me when I decided to shift careers from being a journalist to a digital marketer.

I was working in print for three years before spending nearly two years writing summarized news content for a media intelligence company. I’ve been writing news for years and while I loved what I did, I wanted a new adventure. I wanted to learn new things, preferably something that related more to a corporate setting since I was a business graduate. This is what led me to digital marketing.

When I joined AVA Online Group as a content writer, I was overconfident in my capabilities, only to realize that I had to make drastic adjustments in my writing style. Although writing marketing content and news articles may stem from similar habits, the way these respective articles are conceptualized, written and presented are different.

About three months into the job, I was starting to get the hang of work, which helped me take on additional tasks that could build my skill set. Now, on top of content marketing, I’m starting to learn about digital marketing and the nitty-gritty of Internet advertising.

When people hear about digital marketing, they think about Facebook or other social media advertising sites.

Before, like most people, the only thing I knew about digital marketing was running ads on social media sites, but now I know that using Facebook or similar platforms to advertise and market is only a slice of the pie.

Digital marketing involves using all available online channels like social media, search engines, emails, and mobile apps to promote and establish a product, service, or brand on the Internet. In the current pace of technology and the number of online users today, digital marketing allows businesses to reach more audiences and adjust their strategies quickly to meet corporate objectives.

I was excited to learn about digital marketing because it is a whole new world for me, especially as my roots trace to traditional media. I started learning about it by taking lessons on utilizing Google AdWords and Analytics, the most used online advertising and analytics platforms, respectively.

Google AdWords is an advertising service for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network, while Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.  These platforms can be used for any kind of business for a wide variety of situations, and they can be utilized and tinkered with to meet any specific digital marketing objective.

Using Google AdWords and Google Analytics is no walk in the park, but learning about them can be quite fun and exciting, because they challenge you to think outside the box.

Initially, it was a lot for me to take in as a beginner, because every objective requires specific tweaks and set ups within the platforms. I only had definition-level knowledge of the platforms, and no knowledge at all on how to use them. At first, I tried studying the platforms alone – reading study guides, running digital ads, and reading analytics data on my own – but it felt like I was flying blind.

Luckily, I met a group of highly skilled and qualified trainers at work, who have had years of experience in using Google AdWords and Analytics to boost the digital marketing strategies for top notch companies. They were digital marketing professionals who could correct and validate my understanding of how the platforms work.

I’m still continuously learning about these platforms, but unlike before, I have a better idea of where my career is headed. The benefit of having digital marketing as a profession is that it presents you with a lot of job opportunities and a clear view of career progression. This is because there is a continuous demand for tech-savvy individuals who have the experience and skillset to market and advertise online and lead digital initiatives to better drive a company’s growth and reach.

Today, we live in a world that’s developing at a pace some of us may find exhausting to keep up with. However, the way we evolve is determined by the choices we make, namely on whether we stay where we are or move to where we want to go. There are a lot of working professionals who feel like they are trapped in boxes, because they are afraid of being judged for the possible outcomes of the choices they make in their careers.

I beg to differ.

I feel that we sometimes need to make uncommon or unheard of choices so as to drive change and adjust to a fast-changing, technology-driven world.

Even when some people think that I might have wasted so much of what I’ve already built in my career, the choices I made were my own, and I stand by them. I continue to be positive that these choices will lead me to the future I am after.

While it was a challenge to shift careers and make drastic changes to how I work, I feel that I’ve made the right decision, because what I am learning day-by-day gives me a clear picture of where I will be in the future.

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