Strategies To Sell Better On Instagram

Strategies To Sell Better On Instagram

Known as the King of Engagement, Instagram has been widely used today, just like the other social media channels. Instagram is preferred to impress on how you execute your art but also it is also a medium to promote and sell your products. This is one effective way for entrepreneurs, retailers, and artists to earn a profit. Without any website, they can still name their own online store, design their Instagram profile, and attract loyal buyers. 


But how sure are you that you are doing the right strategies for your Instagram online shop? Read below the strategies and tips to sell better on Instagram. 


Optimize your Instagram business profile

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Optimizing your business profile means curating your Instagram feed, same as how you design a website. This is an effective strategy for analytics and promotional tools for your business where you can boost your content in an easy way. Instagram allows your Business account to add a contact button, an email and SMS. Always think of your customer’s convenient way to contact you. 


Sell through Instagram stories with product links

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The best way to promote your products is through Instagram Stories. This has been a trend lately for online marketers where you can grow your email list, sell products and drive traffic. This full image advertising and promotion  on Instagram stories will give you an opportunity to reach more audience. The more user likes and interacts on your stories, the more they will check your feed, and follow you. 


Make your feed shoppable

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Shopify and Instagram are both huge aids for businesses today. You are allowed to tag your products that are for sale and let the customer redirected via the app or website. The Shoppable Instagram Galleries are one way to get more sales. The Instant Purchase feature will drive your visitors to purchase from the images on your feed. 


Partner With Influencers

Influencers are getting popular due to high demand of sponsorships and collaborations. It’s one way effective promotion of your product. An influencer should also know the product, a user and loyal to your product. Influencer marketing gives brands a unique opportunity to reach a wide range of  audiences. There’s also called “micro influencers”. They are willing to do an ‘in-kind agreement when it comes to collaboration. If you’re a small business or a start-up company, it is ideal to invest on micro influencers first. 


Write Compelling Captions

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Images are the selling point for Instagram but if you’re an online store, be sure to write compelling captions for each of your products. It’s a NO-NO to only have a good image but a poor caption. These two should go together so customers won’t get confused on what you’re offering. 


Use The Right Hashtags

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For easy tracking of posts related to your product, you should use the correct hashtags but avoid too many hashtags. This won’t be used for your products, but in general, it will give more audience. You better work together with your influencer on what hashtag to use. 

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