Winning During a Pandemic and What it Takes

Winning During a Pandemic and What it Takes

Written by Lance Martin J. Anupol

Peach Resurrection owner and founder of sits with Patrick and Kendra of Cavalry Digital to discuss her pivot from her usual services. From being a traditional fashion atelier to an e-commerce business, wearpeach thrives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Peach’s tries to be agile in her business operations, by recognizing necessities, grabbing opportunities, and transforming digitally.

In January of 2020, Peach launched her website which conveniently enabled her to tap into a broader market both local and international via digital marketing. This digital transformation was a timely response to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. As a small business, deviating from mundane order forms and sluggish bank transfers to multiple payment methods and an easy online checkout process were a godsend. 

Being able to capture payments faster and more efficiently, gave her the advantage to focus on other creative endeavors such as product development. 

From Luxury to Necessity

Peach began her business by creating gowns. The tedious process was dissatisfying and she decided to explore innovative routes. When the pandemic struck, the demand for PPEs rose. As a fashion atelier she immediately reassessed her services, pivoting towards creating personal protective gears.

In the earlier stages of the ECQ, the operations of WearPeach was optimized to consider the conditions established during the lockdown. This allowed business continuity by sending raw materials to the workers.

Grabbing Opportunities Through Digital Transformation

The community quarantine and extended lockdown exposed the fragile nature of businesses that have not adapted technology or invested in digital assets outside the boundaries of brick and mortar operations. WearPeach's success proves that digital transformation is a necessary step in any business, regardless of the industry. Preparing early may help avoid costly problems while reducing costs when businesses scale up by using the efficiencies that digital technology brings.

It is indeed time to reflect, experiment, and innovate. No is the time for learning. To listen to this episode check us out on Spotify

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